Wednesday, 19 December 2012

ADF POJO Data Control

POJO data control obtains the structure of the data from POJOs (plain, old Java objects).
To create data control, right-click a Java class file (in the Application Navigator), and choose Create Data Control.


In  Model project :
1. Create a pojo (java class). eg.

package model.pojo;

public class Product {
    private String productId;
    private String productName;
    public Product() {      
    public Product(String productId,String productName) {      
    public void setProductId(String productId) {
        this.productId = productId;

    public String getProductId() {
        return productId;

    public void setProductName(String productName) {
        this.productName = productName;

    public String getProductName() {
        return productName;

 2. Create Service Bean class. e.g.

package model;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import model.pojo.Product;

public class ProductBean {
    private List<Product> products=new ArrayList();
    public ProductBean() {
    private void createData(){
        products.add(new Product("101","Alto"));
        products.add(new Product("102","Benz"));
        products.add(new Product("103","Chevrolet"));
        products.add(new Product("104","Cruze"));
        products.add(new Product("105","Accord"));
    public List<Product> findAllProducts() {
        return products;

3. Right click on and choose "Create Data Control".

In ViewController project:
4. Create a jspx page.

5. In Data Controls panel, drag and drop the data collections on jspx page as ADF Table.

6. Run the jspx page.

Find the sample app here


  1. Hi,
    Instead of populating the list through constructor i am creating a button which will call the createData() function.on clicking the button my table is not displaying any data.

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